Business area for VR
Business Model
Travelers relied on internet information more and more.
VR will provide more vivid sense of realism for each beautiful landscape rather than 2D video and photo.
Attract PPL sponsors in VR content. (Great 3D advertising effect)
Provide additional information linked to tourists attractions to restaurants & lodging industry. (Database setup / VR information)

Level of public interest of individual users and tourism under the traveler information center operations.

Business Model
Virtual Experience Space provide the experience that is very hard to experience in the real world.
  • Emergency evacuation flight experience.
  • Emergency response in earthquake.
  • Experience of natural environment of the age of dinosaur.
  • Parachute experience.
  • Various experience and realism in VR field(NY / Tokyo, Beijing, etc.) experience in English dialogue.
Focusing on fun content rather than boring.
  • Elementary school science experiment.
  • Anatomy experience.
  • History education (into the site of history…)


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