Onface S3

Face recognition access control system
World’s best face recognition technology
Face recognition access control system


We provide varieties of face recognition solutions based on our
world’s best face recognition technology.

S3 is an access control system based on face technology.
Access control is a fundamental element of security and is a widely
needed solution for protecting property or information from
unauthorized persons in all areas. It works fast and accureately
while its management software monitors access logs.
S3 Face recognition solution

Access control

Property, information protection,
and access monitoring

Attendance management

Accurate business hour management,
Systematic attendance management

Mobile verification

Easy access control with mobile
face recognition technology
User access control by areas, long-distance user
registration, Real-time monitoring of access status
and access logs, Solution features such as central
control through program, etc.
Error rate

Lower than 0.001%

Recognition rate

Within 0.5 sec

Maximum user registrations


S3 face recognition
access control

It is a management program just for S3
that allows device, registrant management,
and access functions at a glance

and location

Automatic access
statistics and data

S3 face recognition device

S3 is Onface’s face recognition device with the world’s highest
performing face recognition algorithm.

With a top-notch security technology, S3 prevents recognition
forgery and stores high-quality face image logs.

Prevent recognition forgery
with Onface technology

Wide LCD touch screen and
intuitive user interface

System structure

Face recognition solution structure
1. Local network alone

2. Local network + long-distance connection(exterior network)

3. Multi-local network + long-distance server + long-distance connection(exterior network)

In order to ensure stable use of the system, we regularly
perform H/W and S/W maintenance according to your
needs and requests, and support the necessary
technology and equipment for maintenance.
Model S3
identification Speed 0.5 sec
Face Capacity 1,000 (Auto-learn)
Communication USB Flash Drive, RS485, Tcp/ip(Iption Wifi)
Humidity 0%~80%
Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Wiegand out Wiegand 26&34
Input Door sensor, exit button
Output Electric Lock
Power Supply DC12V


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