AI Face Recognition Doorlock
Face recognition doorlock
by ONFACE with the best face
recognition technology


ONFACE D5 is an AI Push-Pull doorlock that adds convenience to security with five opening methods such as face recognition, palm vein recognition, card key, mechanical key, and password. It is ONFACE's patented product that applied face recognition technology to a doorlock for the first time in the world.

Even with glasses and hats that may interfere with face recognition, it quickly processes with the top-quality recognition and prevents access by photos or videos.

Various recognition methods of D5

  • face recog.

  • palm vein recog.

  • card key

  • mechanical key

  • password

Palm vein recognition is a strong security authentification
method that recognizes palms and veins simultaneously
while also checking live bioreactions.

ONFACE Doorlock

- face recognition doorlock D5

Doorlock that adds user convenience to the latest
biometrics recognition technology

- Fingerprint recognition doorlock D4S

Fast and convenient fingerprint recogntion doorlock that combines smart technology

- Digital doorlock D4

Secure touch door lock with premium design
Our experts will support technical support and equipment
of HW and SW according to your needs and requests.
Model D5
Openning Method Face, Card key, Palm, Password, Emergency key
Registrations RF card : 100EA / Face recog. : 100EA / Palm recog. : 100EA
Screen LCD with touch
Camera 1X visible light camera, 1X infrared detection camera
Recognition Time ≤0.3 sec
Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
User Language English, Japanese (Other languages available)
Size External : 85(W)x367(H)x73(D)mm / Internal : 84(W)x363.5(H)x69(D)mm
Components Zn, Al, ABS, PC


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