AI Face Recognition Doorlock

Your Face is AI KEY for the future security.

The door lock recognizes you.

It.s Safety and Convenience AI Face Recognition Doorlock ONFACE-D3
Face RecogrVtion. RRID Card, Mechanical key, Pas.9MXd 4 Way Use
It is a patent product of ONFACE's only which applied face recognition technology to door lock for the first time in the world beyond the domestic market.

Ultra-low-power design

By power saving structure during standby, it lasts for 6 months with 8 alkaline batteries (AA). (it may vary depending on the operating environment and frequency of use).

Facial recognition function

The most latest technology to enable face recognition for opening or closing to a registered user with artificial intelligence (AI).

Face recognition function in the dark.

Increase user convenience with fully identifying user’s face, even in dark environments.

Multi-aware function

Various recognition functions are supported by various storage : RF card:100 each / Face Recognition : 100 people

Battery change time alarm function

When the battery is ready to be replaced, the voice tells the battery to be replaced. When setting the buzzer, it indicates the time to be changed battery.

Emergency Power Supply function

When the battery is discharged, an external emergency power supply can be made by using a 9 volt supply.

Electrical shock, durability fire preparation function

Satisfies KS and KC composition standards for shock, durability and fire resistance features.

Panic door open function

To prevent crimes, safety is increased much more by using panic function.

Intrusion alert function

If the door lock is damaged outside and enters or goes out in an abnormal way, an alarm sounds.

Easy Push-Pull handle

The door is opened by pushing and pulling, just like the door of a car.

Mechanical emergency key function

You can enter the door using the mechanical emergency key when the door lock malfunctions and the battery discharges.

RFID Card Reader function

This function enables the door to be opened and closed with a card key in addition to the password.

Neat design and
face recognition plus a range
or other recognition features.

Face recognition function / RFID Card Key
Password / emergency key

The best Face Recognition
in darkness

Complement on shortcomings
for nighttime by use or infrared sensors


ID Card
Power on Key
Face Recognition
Stainless Stell Handle
External Power Supply Port
Battery Case
Stainless Steel Handle
Lock Switch
Safty Lock

Test using glasses and hats (day / night)

You can check door lock operation when wearing glasses or a hat that may fail the facial recognition.
ONFACE’s Face Recognition Door Lock provides the extremely best recognition even though there are obstacles.
  • Not wearing glasses (Day)
  • Wear glasses (Day)
  • Wear hat (Day)
  • Wear glasses + hat (Day)
  • Not wearing glasses (Night)
  • Wear glasses (Night)
  • Wear hat (Night)
  • Wear glasses + hat (Night)
Power DC 6.0V(Alkaline battery 1.5V / 8EA / Size AA)
Battery life 6 months (10 times/day, use criteria, May vary depending on the use environment or the number of times used)
Open system Face recognition RFID key, password, emergency key
Use environment -15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Size (External size) 80(W) x 350(H) x 55(D) mm
Size (Internal size) 80(W) x 350(H) x 64(D) mm
Storage medium RF Card : 100EA / Face recognition : 100 persons


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