Wireless is Limitless

High Quality HD Sound Earbuds
Great Felling of wear, excellent design, rich & vivid sound. This is the perfect wireless earphones.

Premium wireless earphone made with
domestic technology

Unrestricted and clear sound with ONFACE technology!
HD Sound with ultra-thin design.
Perfectly prevents fine breaks with differentiated MI frequency

Truly Wireless
Stereo Sound

Long Lasting
Battery Life



Extremely true wireless earphones

The Rich stereo sound
Minimize disconnection
Light and good wearable design

Wireless Earbuds

Adopt Bluetooth 4.2 to achieve a wide range that support Bluetooth devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops without losing traction over reduced battery consumption.

Storage & Charging

We use a stable high quality battery that dosen't heat up even thought using for a long time, and you can freely carry out a fully charged wireless earphone without separate charging with the housing case.

HD Stereo Sound

A rich stereo sound from low to high tones with speakers, Small but precise sound quality produces less noise distortion.
Try genuine wireless earphones that minimize the disconnect.
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.2
Frequency 2402MHz~2480MHz
Audio Frequency 20Hz~20KHz
Transmission Range up to 10m (Class I)
Transmission Output 3mW(3.0+EDR, 4.2)
Relative Humidity 0°C~35°C
Charging Cable Micro USB
Earphones Battery 50mAh
Charging Case Battery 400mAh


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